4 Week Weight Loss Program + Vela Shape – Total Med Talk: Episode 1

The first Total Med Talk episode was released on the official Total Med Solutions Instagram and Facebook watch.

Total Med Solutions, Plano Clinic Patient Counselor, Ashley Lasky dives into the Total Med Solutions 4-Week Weight Loss program and all it has to offer. The 4-Week weight loss program uses prescription appetite suppressants, prescription or herbal appetite suppressants and meal replacement shakes, as they are a safe and effective solution to helping you balance nutrition while shedding those excess pounds. 

At Total Med Solutions, you receive a dedicated medical practitioner and patient counselor who together will come up with a plan that works best for you. We offer highly effective, FDA-approved prescription medications that can suppress your appetite, and increase your metabolism, and burn fat without hunger pangs, fatigue, or constant cravings 

For the month of October you can get the 4-Week Weight Loss Program + One Session of Velashape Body Contouring Session. Both for Only $299! (Save $300) Click here to purchase.