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Complete Body Composition Analysis
With The InBody 520 BioScan

Provides comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis that are essential in monitoring health

Segmental Muscle/Fat Analysis allows you to clearly understand your muscle/fat distribution and where you need to focus on muscle/fat development Graphs allow you clearly track your progress through time

World’s best technology with upgraded utilization

Easy-to-read and comprehensive results sheets that anyone can understand
Stores every test result which can be opened and printed anytime
Customizable results sheets that allow you to fit your results for your use

Features and design for optimum user convenience

Simple to use administrator menu allows you to configure the device with ease
Large color touchscreen that guides examinees through tests
On-screen body composition interpretations to help explain results

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Body Composition Analysis

The body weight is the sum of Body Fat Mass and Lean Body Mass, which is composed of Dry Lean Mass and Total Body Water. Total Body Water is the sum of Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water. Extracellular Water is the total amount of water outside the body’s cell. Maintain a balanced body composition to stay healthy.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

Compare the bar lengths of Skeletal Muscle Mass and Body Fat Mass. The longer the Skeletal Muscle Mass bar is compared to the Body Fat Mass bar, the stronger the body is. Skeletal Muscle Mass is the amount of muscle attached to the bones. Body Fat Mass is the sum of subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, and fat surrounding muscles. Subcutaneous fat is found beneath the skin, while visceral fat is found surrounding internal organs in the abdomen.

Obesity Analysis

Body Mass Index is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight.
* BMI = Weight/Height²
Percent Body Fat (PBF) is the percentage of body fat compared to body weight.

* PBF=Fat/Weight x 100

Segmental Lean Analysis

Evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body. The top bar shows the comparison of muscle mass to ideal weight while the bottom bar shows that to the current weight.

Body Water Analysis

ECW/TBW, the ratio of Extracellular Water to Total Body Water, is an important indicator whether the body water is balanced. If your ECW/TBW is higher than 0.390, please consult your physician.

Body Composition History

Track the history of body compositional changes. Take the InBody Test periodically to monitor your progress. Continuously measuring under the same ID allows the InBody to save each test for future comparison. The Body Composition History allows an individual to track the changes in body composition over their most recent eight results (if selecting ‘Recent’) or a cumulative graph that shows the progress from the first test results to the most recent results (if selecting ‘Total’).