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Permanent Cosmetics

Wake Up With Makeup

Do your lips disappear without lipstick?
Did the eyebrow hair you once tweezed out never re-grow?
Do your watery eyes smear your eye pencil off?
Is looking your best 24 hours a day important to you?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above, then Permanent Cosmetics is a perfect solution for you!

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Permanent Cosmetics Lips

Whether it is called Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Make up, or Intradermal pigmentation it is all the same thing. It is a free hand process of applying micro insertions of pigments into the dermal layer of the skin, more commonly known as tattooing. It is an art as well as a science whose results are permanent waterproof color, hassle free and amazingly natural looking.

Permanent Cosmetics EyeThis state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be a very safe technique when applied by a trained professional. Permanent cosmetics is used for a variety of enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, full lip color and lip liner, as well as scar camouflage and hairline enhancement.
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About Shelly Finkelstein

Shelley Finkelstein has been licensed as a Permanent technician since 1993. She is licensed by the Texas Board of Health and she is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals where she attends yearly conventions and takes continuing education classes there to stay on the cutting edge of her field. Shelley comes from an art and design background as well as applying conventional make up, so Permanent Cosmetics was a natural fit for her. She has worked out of several Plastic surgeon and Dermatologists offices in the Dallas and Plano area where her services include eyeliner (top and bottom), eyebrows (penciled in look or hair stroke look), lips (lip liner and color enhancement), beauty marks and scar camouflage

Permanent Cosmetics not only enhances a person’s features but in many instances, as in alopecia sufferers, mastectomy patients, cancer survivors as well as people with cleft palate issues, it can restore self confidence as well. Shelly enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping women and men look and feel their best.

Procedures for Permanent Cosmetics

Free Consultation

A consultation is the first step you should take in considering Permanent Cosmetic Makeup. Discuss your expectations with Shelley.

Pigment tattooed in the skin is permanent although it can and will fade over time. Several factors determine the longevity of your procedure including sun exposure, age, individual skin characteristics and personal habits such as alcohol intake, smoking, and nutrition have.

Shelley’s initial consultation is [highlight1]complimentary[/highlight1] so please schedule an appointment to see if permanent cosmetic make-up is for you.


Your Permanent Technician will assist you in choosing the color pigment and the best shape for your face. Once the correct shape is determined and approved buy you, topical anesthetics are applied to make you as comfortable as possible. The color is then tattooed using a special machine designed for Cosmetic work. During the seven day healing process you will be instructed on the proper aftercare to prevent infection.

When you leave the office the color will appear darker than you wanted or anticipated. DO NOT PANIC! The color needs to set in the skin and will lighten up considerably. The first, initial visit is to get the right shape and color.

Free Follow-up VisitThe follow up visit is to deposit additional color and to fine tune and adjust shape as necessary. Most procedures require at least 1 touch up visit which is included in your initial price quote.


Upon completion of your procedure, cold compresses should be applied to minimize swelling. There will be some swelling and redness which will subside in a day or two. The client may resume normal activities the day after the procedure. Refraining from cosmetics during the healing process is necessary. A follow up appointment is recommended four weeks after the procedure when the color has had a chance to fully settle into the skin and your skin has healed.

Services for Permanent Cosmetics



Permanent Cosmetics can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line. The color appears through the skin giving it a soft natural look. Eyebrows determine the expression of the face. Most women have difficulty drawing on the correct shape for their face and dislike the time it takes to put them on everyday. After all their hard work, the pencil rubs off halfway through the day. With Permanent Cosmetics you can do aerobics, swim, Zumba, Yoga, and play tennis without the embarrassment of disappearing eyebrows! You can have a penciled in look or the hair stroke method.

*All prices include initial procedure and touch-up, follow up appointment.

Penciled-in look – $550
Hair Stroke – $650



A subtle look is achieved by implantation of pigment in and above the lash line. You can have a thin or thick line or opt for a lash enhancement. That is color placed in between the lash line for a thickening lash look. These procedures are perfect for women with allergies to conventional make up and for those tired of having smudged eyes.

Top only – $350
Bottom only – $350
Top & Bottom – $600 (includes free Beauty Mark, $75 value)


lip color

If your lips are colorless and disappear without lipstick you will love what Permanent Cosmetics can do for you. This is one of our most requested procedures. It can change the shape and size of the lips, as well as the depth of color. Permanent Cosmetics slightly helps with prevention of lipstick bleeding into surrounding skin. The pigment colors range from natural lip to bold and dramatic. You can just line and redefine your lips or fill in the entire lip with color.

Lip liner only: $450
Full Color: $650


scar camouflage

Permanent makeup can help blend in scars to the rest of the skin. Perfection is very difficult to achieve but even a slight improvement of a white-ish scar can really improve the overall look.

Prices vary. Please call for a free consultation.


Beauty marks are considered an attractive feature of the female face or another part of the body. Beauty spots shouldn’t be the focal point of the face, they should be used to accentuate your face and work particularly well if placed around the mouth and eyes.

As an example of this, Marilyn Monroe’s beauty mark on her lower left cheek, as well as re-creating the vogue for adding them as makeup, helped draw attention to her features on her near flawless skin. While more recently fashion model Cindy Crawford’s prominent mole has once again helped to revive the fashion.
You will also find beauty spots one above the lip of Madonna, below the eye of Robert De Niro, while Sarah Jessica Parker has a beauty mark on her upper chin below the lips.

$75 per beauty mark, or free with the purchase of 2 or more services.