What Is DYSPORT ® Treatment?

DYSPORT ® TreatmentWhat is DYSPORT ® treatment? This refers to the use and application of a type of prescription medicine, usually injected into your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Cosmetically, its purpose is to bring an improvement on how your frown lines look. When you undergo this procedure, the medicine used will tighten the muscles that are responsible for controlling your facial expressions. This effect usually lasts for about 4 months. Though proven effective, there are still some side effects.

DYSPORT ® Treatment and its Potential Side Effects

Knowledge about DYSPORT ® treatment can help you be prepared about the possible side effects. Some effects include dry mouth, muscle pain, neck pain, tiredness, and headache. You may also experience some pain or discomfort in the area where the injection is applied. Some patients also report experiencing some eye related problems. This includes the swelling of the eyelids, double vision, dropping eyelids, blurred vision, difficulties in focusing the eyes, and decreased eyesight. There are also some cases where allergic reactions take place. If you are having an allergic reaction due to the DYSPORT ® treatment, you will experience some itching, rash, and red itchy welts.

Signs to Note During DYSPORT ® Treatment

If you want to avoid the risks and side effects of DYSPORT ® treatment, you should consult a licensed physician first.  Total Med Solutions offers physician-supervised treatments so that patients are aware of the potential benefits, and can make thoughtful, informed decisions about treatment.

Talking to Your Doctor Before Having DYSPORT ® Treatment

When you talk to a doctor before having DYSPORT ® in the Dallas area, you should be honest in discussing your medical conditions. Diseases, heart problems, and allergies need to be considered. Your medical history such as previous or future surgeries, current condition such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, and ongoing medication should be mentioned. If you also plan to take some medications while being treated, talk with a doctor first before taking any so you can avoid complications. These factors can affect DYSPORT ® treatment and the potential benefits.