PatientFi – Financing with Total Med Solutions

At Total Med Solutions, we recognize that cost has an impact on people’s decisions about the care and treatments they receive. This is why we recently became a partner with PatientFi to enable our patients to have more flexibility in getting the care they want.

Historically, there have been a few financing options that involved increasing debt to finance a patient’s aesthetic desires. Personal credit cards, equity lines, personal loans and even retirement accounts are always an option.  But these have significant drawbacks.

PatientFi is different because it uses more than a credit score to offer better approval rates. They do this by customizing the finance offer to the patient’s individual budget. And because there is no impact on your credit score and no risk to see your offer, you can feel confident that this is an excellent option for financing.

PatientFi is fast, too.  The application process is done online and takes about 1 minute, and you’ll be instantly approved so you’re ready to start treatments right away. They offer 0% financing for 24 months as well, so you can pay off your treatments before paying any interest.

For patients who want ongoing services such as Botox treatments, PatientFi makes a lot of sense, because each service is generally paid off before the next one is due. This means patients are able to stay current with treatments so they always look and feel their best. And, they have the flexibility to complete certain regiments, such as CoolSculpting, before they need to pay.

This is just one more way Total Med Solutions continues to serve their patients and make it possible for them to look and feel great. If you’re interested in PatientFi, click here to get started and see your financing offer in a few short minutes.