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Welcome to the new Total Med Solutions Blog! Here we will provide you with an inside look at our services offerings and monthly specials, and provide a customer service approach to answering questions you might have about the treatments we provide at our locations in Allen, Dallas Lemmon, Dallas Walnut Hill, Flower Mound, Hurst, Plano and Southlake.

We’ll also be highlighting members of our amazing team of clinical staff who are available to assist you across all our locations.

So thanks for being here, and check back often to learn more about our treatments, special offers and our incredible team at all seven of our Total Med Solutions locations.

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1403, 2023

Is IPL Photofacial For You?

Is IPL Photofacial For You? Schedule Appointment Or Call: 214-987-9200 Did you know after the age of 25 you lose 10% of your collagen and this loss continues as you age? IPL Photofacial is the latest innovation in the world of medical science and technology. It is one of the many treatments that can help with aging, acne, collagen production, and more. Collagen is important because it helps make tissues strong, resilient, [...]

2810, 2022

New Staff Spotlight

Total Med Solutions is continually adding highly trained professional practitioners to our team, as part of our mission to provide the best care at our seven locations in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. We are pleased to announce the addition of three practitioners to the professional team: Faye, Ginni and Karen.

2202, 2018

Therapy Thursday!!

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is the industry's leading anti-aging and wellness treatment... it is the fountain of youth for both men and women! Look and feel years younger, have more energy, increased libido, mental focus, and lean muscle tone! Call us at 214-987-9203 for a complimentary consultation or visit   #hormones #hormonetherapy #bioidenticalhormones #wellness #youth #antiaging #rejuvenation #weightloss #motivation #dallas #plano #allen #dfw #texas #instalike #instagood #instadaily #picoftheday    

1502, 2018

Transformation Tuesday!

Transform your body and turn back time with Peptide Therapy! A natural way to increase your body's own hormone production! Build lean muscle, decrease body fat, and strengthen joints, tissues, bones, and your immune system! Rejuvenate skin and hair! Special pricing available! This is an actual Peptide Therapy patient only 2 weeks after starting her Peptide Therapy! #fitness #transformationtuesday #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #motivation #instalike #instagood #instadaily #hormonetherapy #peptides #totalmedsolutions #tms #goals #inspire #rejuvenation #aesthetics #weightloss #lifestyle #medical #medspa [...]


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