Therapy Thursday!!


Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is the industry's leading anti-aging and wellness treatment... it is the fountain of youth for both men and women! Look and feel years younger, have more energy, increased libido, mental focus, and lean muscle tone! Call us at 214-987-9203 for a complimentary consultation or visit   #hormones #hormonetherapy #bioidenticalhormones #wellness #youth #antiaging [...]

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Transformation Tuesday!


Transform your body and turn back time with Peptide Therapy! A natural way to increase your body's own hormone production! Build lean muscle, decrease body fat, and strengthen joints, tissues, bones, and your immune system! Rejuvenate skin and hair! Special pricing available! This is an actual Peptide Therapy patient only 2 weeks after starting her [...]

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Happy Valentines Day From Total Med Solutions


Happy Valentines Day! Come see us at any location - Allen, Dallas or Plano to take advantage of our specials: 1 Syringe of Restylane and 50 Units of Dysport: $429 2 Syringes of Restylane and 50 Units of Dysport: $849 Earn Rewards!! Register at Aspire Rewards. Valid through February 28, 2018. #totalmedsolutions #restylane #dysport [...]

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Is Aging the Only Reason Men Want TRT Therapy?


Is Aging To Blame, and Will TRT Therapy Help? Is aging to blame for low testosterone? For a lot of men, the thought of aging is miserable because it means decreasing energy levels, youthful appearance, and muscle mass.  If you think you’re old and that it causes you to have these kinds of symptoms, then [...]

Is Aging the Only Reason Men Want TRT Therapy?2015-09-30T15:19:09-05:00

Is Male Hormone Therapy For You?


Before Male Hormone Therapy It’s enticing for most men to undergo male hormone therapy as it can bring benefits that include improving muscle mass, sharpening memory and focus, boosting sex drive, and improving energy levels. Who does not want these? However, experts advise that you should know the risks of the possible side effects [...]

Is Male Hormone Therapy For You?2019-08-19T18:32:33-05:00

Must Know Side Effects of Hormone Replacement


What You Need To Know About The Side Effects Of Hormone Replacement This article is designed to address the side effects of hormone replacement caused by low testosterone or progesterone levels as a result of aging. Treatments are available using estrogen only, or a combination of progesterone and estrogen. There are benefits, but there are [...]

Must Know Side Effects of Hormone Replacement2015-09-25T15:19:24-05:00

Is it Low T?


Emotional and Physical Changes: Is it Low T That Triggers Them? Sometimes, it can be the weather that is making you feel the blues, but is it low t? When testosterone dips to its lowest point, an individual will start showing both emotional and physical changes. This hormone reaches its peak during your puberty and [...]

Is it Low T?2015-09-22T08:56:58-05:00

Kicking Low Testosterone Goodbye With Low T Centers


Who Needs Low T Centers and Treatment Programs? Low T Centers provide treatment for  low testosterone, also known as low t - an age related condition that shows itself in many forms. As your years accumulate, the lower your testosterone becomes. This becomes evident when you reach more than 30 years of age and your [...]

Kicking Low Testosterone Goodbye With Low T Centers2015-09-21T08:55:55-05:00

Low Testosterone Levels in Men: Is There Hope?


Facts You Should Know About Low Testosterone Levels in Men The testes create the hormone that men need for healthy sexual activity, but some suffer from low testosterone levels in men. Some men have difficulty of producing sperm, either because the man is older or because he is suffering from primary hypogonadism where the testes [...]

Low Testosterone Levels in Men: Is There Hope?2015-09-20T08:56:22-05:00

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