Hormone Therapy Pellets

Sterile Implantable Pellets

Hormone pellet therapy has been effectively prescribed since the 1930’s. However, FDA approval of bio-identical testosterone pellet therapy wasn’t granted until 2008. As it became popular for the ease and effectiveness of the delivery method for testosterone, both men and women have enjoyed the benefits of better health.

What Is A Bioidentical Hormone Pellet?

Bio-identical hormones are almost identical as those produced by the human body. They are not synthetic or replicas. Pellets are derived from wild yam and other natural plant-based ingredients.

They are hand formulated in compounding pharmacies and possess the exact hormonal structure of the human hormones estradiol (estrogen) and testosterone. Pellets, once implanted, begin to work automatically. The hormones are secreted in tiny amounts into the blood stream daily.

When more hormones are needed due to stress or exercise the body will respond and deliver more. No other form of hormone delivery, whether capsules, pills, creams, or patches can produce the consistent blood level of estrogen or testosterone that pellets can.

What Can Hormone Pellet Therapy Do For Me?

Pellets have been found to assist patients that have hormonal symptoms both male and female. It can increase energy, reduce hot flashes, assist with mental clarity and fogginess, improve dry skin, increase libido, increase good cholesterol HDL and decrease bad cholesterol LDL, decrease fasting blood sugars, decrease joint discomfort, increase desire for exercise, increase muscle strength, increase your bone density, encourage sleep and decrease anxiety. Most patients report an overall sense of well-being and increased positive outlook on life!

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